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Don’t Miss Grace!

Grace, adapted by Megan Gail Coles from Lisa Moore’s novella, makes its stage debut tomorrow night, April 25th, at the Arts and Culture Centre! Tickets for the limited run are available here!

To hear what the creative minds behind Grace have to say about the show, you can hear their interview on CBC Radio Weekend AM here.

Megan and Lisa also made an appearance on Rogers TV to discuss the production, which you can watch at the link here.

Sara Swain from The Independent interviewed Megan and Emma Tibaldo, director of Grace, about the comfort and utility of art in our communities. Read the article here.

Behind Grace is an amazing cast and crew who have been working hard to elevate every element of the production. Read below what director Emma Tibaldo, playwright Megan Gail Coles, and choreographer Lynn Panting have to say about Grace:

“What attracted me to this project is its honesty and ferocity. Grace digs deep, it unleashes an emotional landscape that is complex and intimate, inside the context of a wedding. The play introduces us to characters in a heightened state of collapse, while simultaneously witnessing unabashed joy and celebration. Ultimately, I was attracted to Eleanor’s life altering journey over the course of one evening. It is a spectacular one.” – Emma Tibaldo (Director)

“Each time I have a play in production, I feel like it will be my last. Such is the precarity of the art form. So I feel ever grateful to have had a play produced at all given the circumstances of theatre in our country. It is a hard-fought undertaking that would likely evaporate under the pressure of failed attempts if not for a few individuals forever swinging from my corner. Like Emma and Aiden; my theatrical fairy godparents. Great sincere thanks to the pair of them for believing in my work.” – Megan Gail Coles (Playwright)

“Grace is a visual and emotional feast for audiences. The movement design of this play is a beating heart that illustrates the inner life of the characters while highlighting the disconnect between what was said, and what was meant. Caterwauling and joyous, the movement in this piece is equal parts human and spectacle. Collaborating with this group of artists and designers has been an absolute joy under Emma’s generous directorial leadership and Meagan and Lisa’s storytelling.” – Lynn Panting (Choreographer and Movement Director)

Tickets are available now to see Grace at the Arts and Culture Centre, April 25 to 27.

Get tickets: (709) 729-3900,