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“The best part about interviewing Meg Coles is that she practically does the writing for you. Her work and her words are layered visions spoken clearly and with a good dose of humour, swearing, passion, and strength of intellect and conviction.”

—Emily Deming Martin on Falling Trees for The Overcast

Louis Power: Megan Gail Coles’ Falling Trees Debuts, The Telegram

“The result is a play that is often described as profoundly disturbing but poignant in its social critique, and the reviews of different adaptations of the play have been glowing.”

—Jon Parsons writes about Rabbit Rabbit for The Independent

“Playwright Megan Coles has chosen not to give this story a happy ending, and that seems just right for these characters who feel both heightened and down-to-earth real.”

—Kate Watson reviews Our Eliza in The Coast

“Surrounded by a colourful cast of supporting characters… the two friends are forced to question the strength of their friendship when one of them ends up in an abusive relationship.”

—Heidi Wicks reviews The Battery for The Telegram

” You don’t need to have experienced soul-destroying marital discord in the wings of a friend’s wedding reception for all the jokes to land, but it helps.”

Drew Brown reviews Grace for Riddle Fence