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Forthcoming: Grace by Megan Gail Coles and directed by Emma Tibaldo

Adapted from Lisa Moore’s short story Grace from her Giller Prize nominated collection Open.

The premiere production is slated for the spring of 2024. The production of Grace will be PCTC’s fifth premiere and the fifth premiere of Coles’ original dramatic work in her home province.

Grace examines one woman’s struggle to deal with the decline and possible demise of her marriage while attending a friend’s wedding reception. It explores the pressure and expectation we place upon romantic relationships to bring fulfillment to our lives. It questions how one’s identity and sense of self-sacrifice are directly linked to notions of monogamous love. It illuminates the complex social tensions present in heternormative unions and the developing ambiguity within these relationships. The play explores evolving attitudes toward maturity and identity in relation to aging, dating, parenting and marriage.

Open and polyamorous relationships have become increasingly common as alternatives to monogamous unions. In these periods of transition and transformation, society struggles to define consent through narrative. Grace artistically examines these shifting familial arrangements in a post #metoo era. It also explores social attitudes towards individual versus collective happiness through the family unit. The primary union between Eleanor and Philip serves as a microcosm for dialogue around self-determination, the pursuit of happiness and choice-making in modern marriage.

Does Eleanor have any power over the unfolding choices made by her husband who has unilaterally chosen to “open” or end their marriage?

Does Philip’s ultimatum demonstrate consent or coercion?

And how is this impacted, encouraged or tolerated in an environment of prevailing misogyny?

Cast & Crew announcements to follow!