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Playwrights in Residence

Megan Gail Coles · Dam(n)ed – Working Title

Explores the sanctioning and ramifications of NL’s Muskrat Falls Hydro-electric megaproject while prioritizing equitable space, meaningful inclusion and informed consent of the various individuals claiming ownership of this narrative.

Emily Bridger · New Mom – Working Title

New Mom explores the beginning of Motherhood at the end of the world. The joy and magic of having a baby. The heart-opening — the space inside that that joy hollows out — creates room, too, for more sadness, more worry. Everything is a contradiction. You pray for Baby to go to bed, then miss them while they sleep. Time expands and shrinks. The sleep deprivation which while painful, can be a gift that allows you to believe the bad news is a bad dream.

Elizabeth Hicks · GG & Joakie – Working Title

Set post-apocalypse, on a playground at the edge of a dump, GG & Joakie (working title) is about a young and lawless commune. The group has managed to find peace within their simple society, but they are constantly threatened by a monster that lurks nearby. When best friends Joakie and GG are torn apart by a betrayal, the incident throws the rest of the group into chaos. GG & Joakie is about cancel culture: listening, nuance, trust, and secrets.